About Jason Zuk

As a spiritual medium and psychic, Jason has been providing accurate advice and guidance within many different social contexts since August 2004.    He relies upon his intuition to forge connections to the other side in order to offer a unique healing experience for those who seek communication with their departed loved ones and friends or who desire increased clarity.   Aside from being a Psychic, Jason is also an Attorney licensed to practice law in several states.   Recently, Jason decided to offer his intuitive guidance professionally so that he can further provide clients with a chance to gain insight on matters within their life which require further attention.  By working with others to confront existing obstacles and challenges, Jason aspires to give reassurance to those seeking his advice.   


In 2018, Jason launched "The Social Psychic Radio Show" to explore various areas of interest involving Intuitive Guidance, Self-Improvement and Development, Metaphysical Principles, Missing People, The Mind-Body-Soul Connection, Paranormal Activities, Life After Death, and much more.  Jason looks forward to delving into each of these issues in greater detail with you each week.  


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